SET Taiwan interview

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – In a previous interview with Taiwan’s SETNEWS, Stronghold Trustee Co., Ltd. CEO Hans discussed the value of trustee services for foreign investors in Cambodia. He brings up how these services offer a secure and reliable solution for various investment needs, including property purchases and general investment ventures.

Mr. Hans highlighted that trustee services significantly reduce foreign investment risks in Cambodia. By establishing a trust, investors can mitigate concerns about fraud or misrepresentation. Trustee services act as guardians, ensuring transparency and security throughout the investment process.

This focus on safety and security aligns with Stronghold Trustee’s mission of fostering a more attractive environment for foreign investors in Cambodia. By offering reliable and professional trustee services, the company aims to streamline the investment experience and provide peace of mind for international participants in the Cambodian market.

In the video at 45:25, Stronghold Trustee Manager Hans Chen discusses the value of trust services for foreign investors in Cambodia.

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