A Valuable Opportunity: Inviting Cambodia’s Trust Regulator Director Sok Dara and Stronghold Trustee Founder Kevin to Discuss Trust Law Sector and Opportunities on YouTube Channel

On 24 March 2023, Trust Regulator Director Sok Dara participated in an interview that explored the art of short storytelling.

This interview presents a valuable opportunity to learn from His Excellency Sok Dara, Director General of the Trust Regulator, about the evolving Trust Law sector in Cambodia. H.E. Sok Dara explained that the Trust Law, established in 2019, aims to build trust among foreign and domestic investors. The Law facilitates investment in both tangible and intangible assets through trust services. Importantly, utilizing trust services offers a secure option for all investors.

The Trust Law is a significant marketing tool, empowering investors to make informed decisions regarding their investments and property ownership. It provides numerous benefits and guarantees safety for all clients. Additionally, trust services offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing for customization to meet each investor’s specific needs.

On 24 March 2023, Kevin participated in an interview that explored the art of short storytelling. He delved into his company’s origins and shared some of his experiences living and working in Cambodia.

he interview highlighted Kevin’s extensive time in Cambodia, during which he witnessed numerous foreign investments unfold with varying degrees of success. After years of accumulating experience, he strategically decided to establish Stronghold Trustee Co., Ltd. in late 2019.

However, the interview acknowledged the unforeseen impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that began shortly after the company’s launch. While the pandemic undoubtedly slowed Stronghold Trustee’s initial growth due to investor hesitancy, Kevin emphasized the positive aspects of this period. He utilized the two-year delay to understand Cambodian Trust Law better, ultimately strengthening the company’s foundation.

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