Stronghold Trustee sponsored a Trust Law Forum held by CamEd Business School Law Club

On 29 April 2023, Stronghold Trustee sponsored and participated in the “Trust Law Forum which was hosted by the CamEd Business School. The event aims to help participants understand the Cambodian trust sector.

Many experienced guest speakers attended the event: Mr. KHENG Taingpor, Legal Consultant, Grand Cathay. Mr. PROEUNG Sopheap is the general manager of Phillip Trustee, and Mr. Siya Malida is the head of securities operation of Acleda Bank PLC. Mr. Ruwan S. Hulugalle is the Chairman of the AmCham Law Committee; Mr. Casey Barnett is the President of CamEd Business School. Mr. HO Varabott, Vice Chairman, AmCham Law Committee

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