Frequently Asked Questions


STRONGHOLD TRUSTEE is a licensed trust company in Cambodia specializing in trust services, including Collective Investment Schemes and Personal and Commercial trusts tailored to your needs. We provide professionals in various industries and high-quality financial services to fulfill clients' needs and become a trusted financial STRONGHOLD for everyone!

There are three different charges: 1. Trust Service fee 2. Trust Registration fee 3. Other fees.
1. The trust service fee is the fee the Trust company charges, calculated based on the property value.
2. The trust registration fee is the fee that the government charges, which is calculated based on the property value.
3. Other fees, such as Due Diligence, Title Transfer, and Property Valuation, are subject to related parties' quotation.

Compared with the general "Hold on Title," the Trust Regulator highly regulates trust services. The Trust law also secures trust assets with independence and excludability, thereby significantly improving trust assets' security.
If the client is in Taiwan, we will assign our Taiwan team to handle all procedures and ensure related arrangements comply with Cambodian laws. Required Documents include the trust contract and documents of registration.
The client must make a written application if there is any change of beneficiary or other services. The service charge shall be subject to the government and law firm's quotation.

Chinese is not Cambodia's official language. The agreement should be in Khmer. Other languages, such as Chinese and English versions, are only for a better understanding of the content.

According to the Cambodian Trust Law, the trust can be registered no longer than 99 years.
Usually, It takes three months to finish the process. The client can choose to apply for express services based on the need.
According to the Trust Law, the Trustee is obligated to register the trust with the Trust Regulator and receive the license to ensure Cambodian Trust Law protects the trust asset.
The Trustor can take the Trust Registration Certificate to file complaints with the Trust Regulator and return the property or transfer it to another Trustee.
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